If you’re fortunate enough to be wandering around a medieval church or castle in Ireland or the UK, gazing at the many carvings adoring the arches or cornices, you might see a hideous face grinning at you from between the saints. If you look closer, you might see that the face belongs to a hag—or what looks like a hag, because honestly it’s hard to tell her gender by her face. But the fact that she’s female becomes clear very quickly when you move closer and see that she’s naked, squatting, and exposing her vulva to the world—often even holding it open so you canRead More →

  While traveling in Scotland a few years ago, I met two lovely Australians, Linda and Evgenia, and we bonded over the fact that we’d all noticed that Scotland seemed to have a disproportionate number of signs that essentially said, “You’re going to die!” Evgenia commented on this when she saw one with an alarming image of a car about to topple into the waves at the Lochaline ferry dock, and we’ve been collecting alarming sign photos ever since. Over the years our collection criteria have expanded to include signs that are just funny, too. This gallery includes some of the highlights of my “sign seeing.” Read More →