Taking a selfie in Doreen Valiente’s witch mirror, with Gerald Gardner looking over my shoulder

I come from a long line of teachers, travelers, and oddballs, and I guess you could say it shows. For most of my career I’ve been a professional editor, writer, and/or content strategist, most recently in the education field. I’ve been a practicing Wiccan since my teens—which seems like the late Cretaceous Period at this point—and I started teaching Wicca in college—very, very badly and long before I was ready. That humbling experience eventually led me to write my first book, Wicca for Beginners, which I envisioned to be both a basic primer for people who didn’t have access to a teacher and the “textbook” I wished I’d had when I started teaching. I followed that up with A Teaching Handbook for Witches and Pagans in the hopes of helping other teachers find their confidence, learn from my embarrassing blunders, and begin teaching from a better foundation than I did.

I live with my adorable hubby and menagerie of pets, including our megalomaniacal parrot, Her Nibs. I love art, history, and very, very bad movies—a sad fact you’re probably painfully aware of if you follow me on Twitter—and when I’m not traveling, I’m plotting my next adventure.

I took my pen surname from my great-great-great grandmother, who apparently caused something of a scandal in her tiny Scottish village by dancing in the moonlight around the Pictish standing stone in the village square. The women from that side of the family are a tad eccentric and have some serious wanderlust, and I think I’ve inherited both traits, not to mention a love of megaliths.